Vocational Consulting Group, Inc.


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American Sign Language (ASL) with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Professional organizations

Member, International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP), 1977 to present (Charter Member). Elected twice as Regional Representative to Board of Directors; as President (1991-1992) of 4,000-member national professional organization.

Member, American Board of Vocational Experts, 1985-Present. Elected to Board of Directors; as President (1996-1997) of national certifying and professional organization. Served as Chair of Certification Test Revision Committee (1994-1996) and Instructor (1993-1998) of Certification Test Review Course.

Member, American Counseling Association and American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (1974 to present).

Member, Board of Education, Township of Springfield, New Jersey. Elected to 3-year term (1987-1990).